How Can You Make a Wesco Electric Furnace More Energy Efficient?


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Electric furnaces sold by Wesco typically convert all the electricity they use into heat, so increasing their efficiency requires installing more efficient air-distribution components and better insulation. Small leaks and other problems can cause a unit to run more frequently.

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Unlike gas and oil furnaces, there's often nothing that can increase the efficiency of heat generation in electrical heaters; any efficiency gains would need to occur at the power plant. However, older systems may have fans with inefficient motors. Affordable upgrades may lead to less electrical use.

Leaks can also lead to less efficient operation, especially if some rooms are significantly warmer than others. Large leaks can often be seen or felt as they release warm air. Spraying a small amount of soapy water in parts of the system may cause small bubbles to form if there are leaks within the system. For more thorough inspections, using an infrared sensor designed to show leaks can help. Patching leaks is generally a simple task.

Perhaps the best way to increase a heating system's efficiency is to ensure the structure is properly insulated. Small openings by doors or windows slowly release warm air, which requires the heater to run more often. Newer insulation technology is far more effective at keeping heat within a home compared to older insulation. While an upgrade isn't cheap, the energy savings can be significant and may be recouped in a short period of time.

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