How Can You Make a Spring?


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Dave Spencer describes how to make springs using a power drill for Instructables. The wire of the spring is attached to the drill bit and wound around a rod using the power drill to supply the winding force. The width of the rod determines the diameter of the spring. Spencer warns that spring makers need to wear heavy-duty welding gloves during this procedure to prevent serious injuries.

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Dean Williams describes how to make small springs using a lathe. He explains that music wire is ideal for making small springs, and guitar strings are essentially the same thing as music wire if music wire is unavailable. The music wire is wound tightly around a thin rod or thick wire that is the approximate diameter of the desired spring. This rod is known as an arbor. The wire is attached to the lathe and wound around the arbor. Do not let go of the end of the wire during the process to avoid injury from an unsecure wire. Dean warns that the lathe method should only be used for small springs (0.025-inch wire or less), because it becomes extremely dangerous with larger wires. Even with small wires, wear safety glasses and protective clothing.

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