How Can You Make a Roman Shade Pattern?


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To make a Roman shade pattern, measure the inside of a window frame, add 4 inches to the width and 8 1/2 inches to the length, mark the measurements on pattern paper, and then cut the pattern out. Use the pattern to cut the fabric and lining for multiple windows.

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  1. Measure the window frame

    Since a Roman shade is usually hung inside the window, place the measuring tape inside the window, and measure the width and the length.

  2. Determine the pattern size

    To account for the seams and hems, add 4 inches to the width measurement and 8 1/2 inches to the length measurement of the shade.

  3. Draw the pattern

    Using a fabric marker or pencil, mark the dimensions of the shade and the seam allowances on a sheet of pattern paper or muslin fabric. For reference purposes, you can also mark the locations of the hems, seams and dowel pockets.

  4. Cut out the pattern

    Using scissors or a rotary tool, follow the lines, and cut out the pattern from the fabric or paper.

  5. Copy the pattern

    Pin the pattern to the fabrics for the shade and the lining, and cut along the edges of the pattern. Repeat this step for as many windows as needed.

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