How Can You Make a Padded Headboard?


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A padded and upholstered headboard can be created with a few simple tools and easy-to-find materials. A 1/2-inch sheet of plywood, 1/2-inch thick foam padding, cotton batting, 3 yards of upholstery fabric, nail head trim, spray adhesive and two D-rings are required for the project.

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  1. Measure and cut the plywood

    Cut the plywood sheet to match the width of the bed frame using a handsaw or electric circular saw. While doing this, make sure the plywood is cut to the height desired for the headboard. The base of the headboard rests at the top of the mattress, so measure and cut accordingly.

  2. Cut the foam and batting

    Lay the foam on the floor, and place the plywood over it. Using a marker, trace the outline of the plywood onto the foam pad. Remove the plywood, and cut the foam along the traced line using a utility knife. Repeat the same process with the cotton batting, but add a few inches on each side so that the batting can be wrapped over the edge of the plywood.

  3. Adhere foam and batting to plywood

    Adhere the foam pad to the plywood using a spray adhesive. Once dry, center the cotton batting on top of the foam. Flip the headboard over, and wrap the batting over the edge of the plywood. Pull it tight, and staple the batting to the plywood using a staple gun.

  4. Affix fabric to headboard

    Lay the fabric on the floor, and place the headboard face down in the center. Starting at the top center of the headboard, pull the fabric tight and staple the fabric to the plywood. Work from the center, moving toward each corner. Pull the fabric tight before each staple to prevent wrinkles in the fabric. At the corners, neatly fold the fabric as done when wrapping gifts with paper. Repeat this same process on each side, starting with the bottom and then the sides. Once complete, trim any excess fabric.

  5. Finish and hang the headboard

    Flip the headboard face up. Line up the nail head trim along the top of the headboard, a few inches inward from the outer edge. The nail head trim can be cut to properly fit the width of the headboard. Keeping the nail head trim straight with the headboard's outer edge, tap in the nail heads using a rubber mallet. Complete this same process along the bottom edge, maintaining the same marginal width used at the top. Add nail head trim to the left and right sides of the headboard to complete a rectangle. Attach two D-rings to the back of the headboard, and secure to the wall using appropriate-sized drywall anchors and screws.

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