How Can You Make Your Own Paint?


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Make an oil paint suitable for painting wood by mixing linseed oil with a powdered pigment and a solvent, such as turpentine or a citrus thinner. Minerals, iron oxides or pigments extracted from plants and insects may give the paint its color.

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To begin making an oil paint, slowly add the pigment powder to the oil to create a doughy paste. Add more oil until the paste turns liquid again, then mix it with the solvent until the paint gains the intended consistency. Strain the paint to remove lumps.

Before painting the wood, apply two coats of an oil primer for moisture protection and good attachment of the paint. The primer consists of equal parts of linseed and a solvent. Leave the first coat to dry for 48 hours, then apply the second coat. The wood is ready to be painted 48 hours after the second coat of primer has dried.

This oil paint needs a long time to dry. It remains elastic even after drying, which allows it to accommodate to minor changes of the shape of the painted wood. Regular cleaning of the painted object does not damage the paint. Oil paint is well-suited for use in exteriors.

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