How Can You Make Your Own Locksmith Tools?


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Making lock-picking tools requires time, effort and a bit of an investment on the part of the person making them. Some materials needed for crafting lock-picking tools include hacksaw blades, a printer, an iron, a Dremel and a bench grinder. You can make your own locksmith tools by printing out templates on iron-on material then securing the templates to the hacksaw blades with the iron. Next, you shape the tools with the bench grinder and the Dremel.

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Find a variety of lock-picking tool templates at LockPicking101.com. Iron the templates on with the hottest setting of the iron. Use parchment paper as a protective layer between the iron and the template. Parchment paper is heat-resistant and transparent, so you can still see the template.

After the template is secured, use a bench saw to grind the tool closer to its general shape. Safety is important, so be sure to use gloves and safety goggles when operating the bench saw. Use the Dremel for the final, more detailed work in shaping the pick. Finally, polish the tools by sanding them with wet sandpaper and rubbing them with a cloth doused with a polishing compound.

Some different types of lock picking tools include diamond, single ball, double ball, hook, key extractor and rake. There are different types of rake tools including C rake, S rake, L rake and W rake.

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