How Can You Make Your Own Compost Bin?


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To make your own compost bin, find a plastic storage bin, drill holes in the bin, line it with hardware cloth or wire mesh and find an ideal location to store it. Fill the bin with typical compost materials, and shake it daily to aerate it.

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How Can You Make Your Own Compost Bin?
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Purchase a plastic bin that is 18 gallons or larger. To provide air circulation, drill multiple holes throughout the lid, sides and bottom of the bin, spacing them one to two inches apart. Use hardware cloth or mesh wire to line the interior if drilling large holes or if rodents are a problem.

Choose a location that is out of the way but still accessible. Next to a garden or outside a kitchen door are ideal locations. Some common items to fill the compost bin with include egg shells, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable peels and coffee grounds. To maintain moisture levels and reduce odor, place a handful of leaves or newspaper in the bin when adding wet materials. You may need to moisten dry materials with a spray bottle.

Before using the compost, run the compost materials through a simple compost sifter to remove large debris and material that still needs to decompose. You can use the dark and crumbly compost materials for gardening immediately, or store them in a sealed bucket or bin.

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