How Can You Make an Outdoor Cross Decoration?


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Make an outdoor cross decoration by screwing two pieces of wood together and decorating it as desired. You need a drill, screws, wood glue, wood and a saw.

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To make an outdoor cross decoration, first decide how long you want it to be, and then cut a 4-by-4-inch piece of wood to the correct dimensions, making sure that the upright piece is half the length of the horizontal piece. For instance, cut the lengths into a 4-foot piece and a 2-foot piece.

Divide the long piece in thirds, and mark it on one end of the wood. For a 4-foot piece of wood, measure and mark it 16 inches from the end. Lay the 2-foot piece horizontally at the mark, and draw a line on either side of it on the 4-foot piece. Turn the pieces over, and draw lines on the 2-foot piece where it intersects with the 4-foot piece. Use a chisel or router to cut out the area between the lines on both pieces of wood to half their depths so that the pieces fit flush together.

Place wood glue on the carved out areas, and combine the two pieces of wood to form the cross. Secure the wood with screws. After the glue dries, paint or decorate the cross as desired.

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