How Can You Make a Mosquito Killer at Home?

Make a mosquito killer at home by cutting a 2-liter bottle in half, mixing brown sugar with hot water and adding yeast in the bottom portion of the bottle. Then place the top portion of the bottle upside down into the lower portion, and tape the two pieces together. To conceal the bottle's contents, if desired, cover in black cloth.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Gather an empty 2-liter soda bottle, a utility knife, black electrical tape, a spoon, a black cloth, brown sugar and yeast.

  2. Cut the bottle

    Use the utility knife to cut the bottle in half, and set the top portion aside.

  3. Mix the ingredients

    Turn on the faucet, and allow the water to heat up. Measure 1 cup hot water, and pour it into the bottom portion of the bottle. Add 1/4 cup brown sugar, and stir with the spoon. Add in 1 gram of yeast, and allow it to create the carbon dioxide.

  4. Insert the top

    Place the top of the bottle into the bottom upside down, and use the electrical tape to hold the two pieces together.

  5. Finish the bottle

    Use a black cloth to cover the bottle so that nobody can see the dead mosquitoes. Set the bottle outside.