How Can You Make a Low Ceiling Look Higher?

How Can You Make a Low Ceiling Look Higher?

To make a low ceiling look higher, keep heavy furniture low and wide. Draw the eye upward with drapery styles and patterns, lighting, artwork and architectural details.

  1. Keep heavy, bulky items low

    Select wide couches with low backs, use low tables both for accent pieces and for dining. Select stools with low backs or no backs. Find dining room chairs with backs that do not extend much higher than the table itself.

  2. Draw the eye upward when possible

    Hang draperies at the top of wall. Hang shelves all the way to the ceiling to accent what height there is. Artwork groupings should be hung vertically rather than horizontally. Use high-gloss paint on the ceiling to reflect more light and draw the viewer's attention.

  3. Use architectural details carefully

    Diagonal lines draw the eye upward so a carefully placed diagonal feature adds height to the ceiling. Vertical paneling lines give the feel of upward movement.

  4. Use color to create height

    Choose pops of color against the ceiling, or even on the ceiling to draw the eye. Vertical stripes, whether painted directly on the wall or created with draperies or other artwork, give the illusion of height.

  5. Keep lighting flush to the ceiling

    Keep lighting fixtures recessed or flush to create clean ceiling lines. For features such as fans, raise them as high as possible and keep styling minimal.