What Can You Make With an Italian Pizzelle Maker?


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An Italian pizzelle maker produces round, flat cookies that resemble waffles. The cookies typically feature a decorative design created by the pattern inside the pizzelle maker. Two desserts commonly made with a pizzelle maker are cannoli and a sandwich cookie made with either cannoli cream or hazelnut spread.

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Classic Italian pizzelle cookies are typically made with ingredients that include eggs, flour, vanilla and melted butter. Anise can be used as a flavoring instead of vanilla. The batter is mixed together until it is thick and smooth. The batter sits and stiffens as the pizzelle iron heats up. The prepared batter is poured into the pizzelle maker and cooked according to directions. Pizzelle cookies commonly take between 45 seconds and 2-1/2 minutes to cook and have a golden brown color. Pizzelle cookies can have a hard or soft texture depending on the recipe.

The two types of pizzelle maker designs are manual and electric. Manual pizzelle makers have two irons attached to long handles, which are pressed together and held in place until a single cookie is done. Electric models can cook two cookies at the same time. The iron plates on these appliances might also have a non-stick coating. Pizzelle desserts are often served during holidays and at weddings.

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