How Can You Make a Homemade Dovetail Jig?


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To make a homemade dovetail jig, rip a drawer piece to width and make use of an extra piece to use as a template before using a dado stack in your table saw to cut notches onto it. Make one notch for each tail, clamp the template onto the back side the drawer's front, install the template guide and dovetail bit in your router, and run the router through the notches to cut the pins.

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After cutting the pins, use them to lay out the tails on one side of the drawer. Cut the tails using a bandsaw to achieve completed dovetails.

When making the template for a homemade dovetail jig, check the depth of your brushing since the template's thickness needs to be slightly more than the depth of the blushing. When setting up the dado stack to cut the first notches, do not worry about how wide to make the dado cut, as it may take several attempts to get the right template size.

After running the first side of the template, turn it around and run the other side. Next, move the fence away from the blade and continue removing material from the template until it has three teeth. After this, set up the bench to cut the drawer front pins, and then cut the tails.

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