How Can You Make a Hidden Door Hinge Invisible?

How Can You Make a Hidden Door Hinge Invisible?

To conceal cabinet door hinges, install Euro-style cabinet hinges along the inside of the cabinets. Euro-style hinges are easy to adjust with just a screwdriver so that the cabinet doors can be adjusted to fit properly.

Euro-style cabinet hinges are installed on the inside of the door frame and on the door's interior. Because they are installed inside of the cabinet, they are not visible when the cabinet door is closed. To install concealed cabinet door hinges:

  1. Choose the right hardware
  2. Euro-style hinges come in a variety of styles and can be used on a variety of door types in both frame-less and face-frame styles. Review the available options and choose the hardware that will work best for the job.

  3. Plot the installation point
  4. Determine where the hinges should go and outline the area in pencil on both the door and the frame.

  5. Install the door hinges
  6. Use a 35-mm bit to drill the flat-bottomed installation holes on the cabinet doors. Install the cup-side of the hinges into the doors, and then mark pilot holes inside the cabinet frame and hold the door up to ensure it sits properly against the frame.

  7. Install the cabinet hinges
  8. Hold the doors in place and screw the hinges into the pilot holes in the cabinet. Ensure the doors close properly and make adjustments to the hinges as necessary.