What Can You Make With a Genius Food Chopper?


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A Genius food chopper can be used to prepare raw or cooked ingredients used for making foods such as soups, salads, stews, salsa, vegetable side dishes, French fries and cheese platters. The Genius food chopper is a multipurpose kitchen appliance useful for food preparation, serving and storage.

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The Genius food chopper allows users to chop, grate, slice or dice a variety of foods quickly and safely. A choice of cutting inserts makes it possible to prepare foods such as lettuce, apples, tomatoes, carrots or onions evenly for use in vegetable or fruit salads. Individuals can also use the chopper for recipes that require chopped cooked foods, such as chicken or eggs. Foods like ginger and cheese can be easily grated by the Genius food chopper. The Genius food chopper can also make it easy to prepare foods for dehydration by making the thickness of the sliced foods uniform so the foods dry evenly.

The bowl used in the Genius food chopper can also be used for serving food once the blades have been removed from it. Preparing food ingredients with a Genius food chopper is easy since the lid of the Genius food chopper has a self-cleaning button that allows users to quickly remove debris from the cutting blade.

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