How Can You Make Your Garage Workshop Floor Plan Suit Your Specifications?


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One way to make a garage workshop floor plan suit specific needs is to build in additional features. Features such as storage or utility solutions can improve the look, feel and available space of a garage workshop.

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One of the most effective ways of adding additional storage to a garage workshop is to invest in storage trusses. This approach opens up a second floor to the garage and means that the roof space can be safely used for storage. For storage trusses to be a viable option, make sure that the floor frame is designed to support the extra weight of the items that are to be stored in the space.

A more expensive alternative is to invest in attic trusses that can provide a second full-sized room in the garage workshop. This can be an ideal solution if the job specifications include the need for an office as well as workshop space.

To use a garage workshop regardless of the weather, make it more user-friendly with the addition of under floor heating. While this does not change the size of the space, it does mean that the garage workshop is better suited for use as a workshop that can be used in all weather conditions.

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