How Can You Make a Fairy Garden?

A fairy garden includes small plants and miniature fixtures, and it usually is created in a container. The project takes about an hour to assemble, and it requires a wide and shallow container, potting soil, a moisture meter and a variety of plants and small garden accessories.

  1. Fill a container

    Select a well-draining container that is up to 4 inches deep and several inches wide. Fill the container with potting soil, stopping about 1 inch from the rim.

  2. Choose a focal point

    Design the garden with one large item as the focal point near the front or center of the garden. Appropriate focal points include small houses, arches or gates.

  3. Add plants

    Choose a mixture of low-growing plants and tall varieties to add visual interest, and select plants with similar watering and lighting needs. Dig small holes, and add plants around the container, leaving room for them to grow.

  4. Add accessories

    A fairy garden is designed to look as though it receives little visitors. Working around the plants, add small benches, birdhouses and other accessories. Use tiny rocks to create a pathway through the garden. Place tall accessories near climbing plants to provide support. Use the moisture meter to prevent overwatering the container.