How Can You Make an Electric Igniter?


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Making electric ignitors involve using Skylighter's ignitor. First, test each blank electric ignitor for continuity before dipping them into pyrogen. Get rid of any that does not show continuity. Use only Skylighter's Tester for this purpose

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Using Skylighter's Tester, the test light should turn on automatically when connected to the two electric ignitor bare lead wires. Get rid of the ignitor assembly, or replace the ignitor head if the test light does not turn on. Before mixing the pyrogen, remove the plastic shrouds from the ignitor heads on the pre-soldered blanks or slide the covers 2 or 3 inches up the wire away from the heads of the ignitor. It is easy to move or discard all the shrouds before beginning the pyrogen-coating process.

Reinstall the covers on the electric ignitors immediately after the pyrogen dip dries on the heads of the ignitors. The pyrogen is thick until it is completely mixed. If necessary, add 20 drops of the solvent to regulate the viscosity. Repeat, as required until the pyrogen, drips very smoothly and slowly from the stirring stick. The viscosity of the pyrogen must be controlled to produce a coating that is almost the same thickness as the head chip of the ignitor (2.5 mm).

Fold the wire to hold the cover back while dipping. Dip the narrow end of the chip that has no wires into the pyrogen approximately 3 to 4.5mm. The electric ignitor is ready for use after the pyrogen coating dries up.

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