How Can I Make Concrete Paving Slabs?

Creating concrete paving stones requires a ready-made mold, concrete and a few mixing and pouring tools. Once the concrete is mixed, fill the mold, and after a wait, remove the dried concrete paving slab. Additional additives can be mixed into the concrete for coloring and strength.

  1. Mix the concrete

    Create the concrete by mixing one part Portland cement with two parts sand and three parts of coarse aggregate. For thin molds less than 2 inches in thickness, the aggregate should be no larger than 0.25 inches in size. Use a wooden dowel or a hoe to mix the concrete in a large five-gallon bucket or in a wheelbarrow.

  2. Add color or texture

    Mix any concrete dye into the concrete mix to achieve the desired color. Cover the surface of the mold with a mold release agent to help slip the paving slab free after dying. Sprinkle the powdered dye onto the bottom and edges of the mold to help create small variants of surface color. Add any strengtheners to the concrete while mixing it. If a textured surface is desired, then sprinkle the texture mix onto the mold along with the coloring.

  3. Fill the mold

    Fill the mold with the concrete mix while shaking it from side-to-side or tapping the sides to release air bubbles. Allow the concrete to dry about 24 hours until firm. Turn the mold upside down on a clean, dry surface and then push the paving slab from the mold. Allow the concrete to set completely before using it.