How Can I Make a Bed Base?

How Can I Make a Bed Base?

How Can I Make a Bed Base?

Make an easy bed base using lumber cut and fastened into slats. This process takes a couple of hours. You need lumber, a drill, bolts, screws, a circular saw, sandpaper, a screwdriver, stain, wood oil, a paint brush and rags.

  1. Cut the lumber

    Cut several pieces of lumber. You need four pieces of lumber the width of your bed minus 3 inches, with two using 2-by-10 lumber, and the other two using 2-by-6 lumber. Cut three pieces the width of your bed using 1-by-6 lumber. Then, cut two pieces of 2-by-10 lumber the length of your bed minus 6 inches and two pieces of 2-by-6 lumber the length of your bed.

  2. Sand and stain the lumber

    Sand and stain all the lumber. Allow the lumber to dry before continuing with the project.

  3. Attach the frame

    Lay the two longest 2-by-10 boards on the floor, and overlap these with the long 2-by-6 boards. The longer boards should overlap the shorter boards beneath them by 3 inches on the sides and 1 1/2 inches on each end. Attach them using screws and bolts. Repeat this process using the shorter 2-by-10 and 2-by-6 boards. Combine the assemblies, and fasten them together.

  4. Add the slats

    Lay the slats in the frame, and attach them with screws and bolts.

  5. Oil the base

    Rub the base with oil, and let it dry.