How Can I Make a Beaded Door Curtain?


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Making a beaded curtain involves measuring the door to be covered, assembling materials, stringing beads onto nylon string and threading the individual strings onto a dowel. Materials needed to make a door curtain include a measuring tape, a dowel, a pencil, eyelet hooks, nylon string, beads and a saw. Additional useful items include nails and crimping beads.

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The first step in making a beaded curtain is measuring the length and width of the door or window to be covered. The dowel should be cut 4 inches wider than the door. The eyelet hooks should be inserted into the dowel 2 inches apart, using nails to get the screws started.

The strings should be cut to a length 6 to 12 inches longer than the door or window to be covered. One string should be cut for each eyelet hook put on the dowel rod. The strings should be tied to the eyelet hooks. If desired, the strings can be crimped using crimping beads. Next, the beads are ready to be strung on the strings, either randomly or according to a predetermined pattern. At the end of each string, a knot should be tied, with the end of the string threaded back through the beads. Once the beaded curtain is completed, the dowel rod can be hung over the door or window.

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