Can You Make Anything Other Than Rice in a Sanyo Rice Cooker?


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Other foods besides rice can be made in a Sanyo rice cooker, including steamed vegetables, fish, boiled eggs and toasted nuts. This is true of other brands or rice cookers as well.

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Many rice cookers come with a steaming basket or tray. Clean, cut veggies only require five to 15 minutes of cooking time when placed in the basket, depending on type. Larger vegetables, such as squash, typically need to be cut to fit the steaming accessory and cooked in multiple batches. If fish is being cooked, lining the steamer basket or tray with foil and covering the fish with foil keeps flavors and seasonings from escaping during the cooking process. Steaming fish usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

The steamer accessory can also be used to produce boiled eggs. Placing the eggs upright with their bottom sides down ensures that the yolks remain balanced, which is especially important if deviled eggs are being made. Covering the cooker with a lid ensures that the steam does not escape during the cooking process. Eggs should be steamed for about 20 minutes.

Toasted nuts make good toppings for salads, vegetables and pasta dishes. Cooking them in a rice cooker is as simple as placing them inside the cooker, setting the cook time to two minutes and letting them rest for five minutes before removal.

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