How Can You Make an Adjustment in Your Cabinet Hinge?


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The procedure for adjusting a cabinet hinge varies with the type of hinge, hence you should know the hinge type on your cabinet before attempting this task. The two main types of cabinet hinges are the European-style hinges and frame cabinet hinges.

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To adjust a European-style hinge, start by opening the cabinet door and examining the attachment point between the cabinet base and the hinge for screws. Using a screwdriver, tighten the two screws securing the hinge to the cabinet to ensure that the door is properly mounted. If nothing changes after the adjustment, loosen the screws to allow for proper positioning of the door, and then fasten the screws again. If the problem persists, loosen the depth and side screws, which are the screws that control the in-and-out and side way movement of the door respectively, and position the door properly. Tighten these screws, and repeat the process as needed until the door is properly positioned, using trial and error.

To adjust a frame cabinet hinge, start by loosening the screws that attach the hinge to the cabinet base using a screwdriver. Reposition the door so that it is not excessively high or low, fasten the screws to secure the door in place, and then test the door.

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