How Can You Maintain a Stucco Home?

How Can You Maintain a Stucco Home?

Stucco provides a long-lasting finish for a home. Maintain this finish properly by regularly washing it, removing mold and repairing minor damage, even if only cosmetic. With care, stucco continues to protect a home for 50 years or longer.

Following these simple guidelines can help immensely when working to maintain a stucco home:
  • Wash regularly

    The rough texture of stucco causes it to collect dust easily. Wash it regularly using a nozzle attached to a water hose. If using a pressure washer, keep the water pressure below 600 pounds per square inch. For dirt that does not easily release from the outside of the home, mix a solution of mild detergent in water and use a stiff bristle scrub brush.

  • Remove any mold

    Mold sometimes grows on stucco on the shaded sides of the home. Remove the mold using a 1/4 ratio of chlorine bleach in water. When working with the bleach solution, wear personal protective equipment, including safety glasses and gloves.

  • Repair damage

    Blisters in the stucco indicate it is releasing from the home. These imperfections allow water to seep behind the home's finish to cause more damage. Remove the damaged material, and make appropriate repairs.

  • Paint with elastomeric paint

    Coat the stucco with elastomeric paint to conceal any repairs. The paint also seals any hairline cracks that have developed on the outside of the home, preventing further damage.