How Can You Maintain Your Butcher Block Countertop?


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Maintain your butcher block countertop by cleaning it with soap and water, oiling the surface occasionally, using other materials to cut food and by sanding imperfections. Butcher block countertops are loved for their minor care and upkeep requirements.

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How Can You Maintain Your Butcher Block Countertop?
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  1. Clean butcher block countertops daily

    Keep your butcher block countertop clean by wiping it down with a clean wet and soapy towel.

  2. Oil the surface every six months

    Use mineral oil or other oil as directed by the manufacturer to lightly oil the surface twice per year. Remove everything from the counter, and pour a little oil onto a clean rag. Gently wipe the surface. Allow the oil to dry, and then replace the items removed.

  3. Use something else to cut and chop food

    Even though butcher block material is useful for cutting, use something else to cut and chop food items on. Over time, the wood will have tiny cuts and scratches from food cutting. Additionally, a removable cutting board is easier to clean and to remove the germs that settle into the surface.

  4. Sand out imperfections

    Use a fine piece of sand paper to sand out any nicks, cuts or scratches that accumulate on the surface. Stop sanding when the surface is smooth, and cover lightly with oil

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