How Can You Lower Your Price Per Gallon for Home Heating Oil?

How Can You Lower Your Price Per Gallon for Home Heating Oil?

Lower your price per gallon on home heating oil by shopping around, buying local, considering pre-buying, looking for cash on delivery companies and researching oil-buying groups in your area. Also check to see if you qualify for oil assistance programs.

The first thing to do when trying to save money on home heating oil is to shop around and compare prices of different companies. Calling several companies in your area can potentially save you hundreds of dollars over the winter season. Ask about contracts and payment plans when calling oil providers. Typically, companies closer to your home have better prices for you.

Pre-buying your oil also reduces the price you pay per gallon. This requires planning ahead. Filling your oil tank may not be something you normally think about in the summer, but this is when the lowest prices are usually available. However, if oil prices drastically drop in the winter months, you run the risk of paying a higher rate.

Many times, cash-on-delivery companies offer discounted rates for oil because they do not offer automatic delivery, 24-hour service, or maintenance. This is a good option for homes with newer furnaces that do not require much maintenance.

Oil-buying groups work together to negotiate lower prices and benefit from guaranteed high-volume deliveries.

Finally, contact government agencies to see if you qualify for any oil assistance. Local, state, and federal programs are all available.