How Can You Find a Local Free Tree Cutting Service?

There are several ways to have a tree cut and removed for free; these include calling the city, power or company and local self-employed loggers, who can do the task without charge. Advertising in the local paper or posting online message boards for free wood may also elicit offers for free tree cutting services.

Homeowners may have sound reasons for choosing to cut a tree; these include having a tree that is too close to the driveway or sidewalk, or a tree that obscures a view from a window. The tree may also have to be cut if it is growing sideways or its roots are getting too close to the sewer.

If the tree is growing in an area that is owned by the city, such as the patch of land between the sidewalk and the street, the city can remove it for free at the request of the homeowner. The power company may also be called to have the tree removed if it is growing close to the power. Free tree cutting service may also be rendered by the sewer company if the roots of the tree are creeping close towards the sewer lines.

Local self-employed loggers may also cut the tree for free, especially if it is a pine or a fir tree. If the tree is tall and big enough, the logger may even pay the homeowner for the lumber. Even if the tree is not that big, some homes still use wood for heating. Advertising for free wood in the local paper for those who are willing to cut the tree and clean the area may likely get a few responses.