How Can You Find a Local Coin Laundry?


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When looking for a local coin laundry, talk to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, and find out which laundry services they use or have used in the past. Ask what people liked or didn't like about the different services they've tried, and which places they would recommend. Another way of finding a laundromat is by using Internet laundry search directories, such as Findalaundry.org and Laundromatfinder,com.

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On Findalaundry.org, people can search for laundromats in different areas by entering the street, city, state, ZIP code of the area in which they would like to find a coin laundry, and a search distance. Users can view search results on a map. The website also offers information on how to use laundromats, how much clothes to put in the machines, how to remove stains and some other topics.

Laundromatfinder.com has lists of laundromats in each state, as well as their locations on the map. Information about each place includes its phone number and address.

If you are using dry cleaning services, ask the employees there if they offer their customers washing machines they can use or if they can recommend a good coin laundry. People who work in the business usually know which places are good and which should be avoided. Another way of finding a laundromat is simply to go around your area and look for one. Laundomats are usually located near apartment buildings, hotels or college campuses.

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