Where Can You Find More About Llandro Appraisals?

Websites such as AppleTreeDeals.com, eHow.com, NugentAppraisal.com and DrLoriV.com offer information and services for appraising Llardo figurines. Pieces are appraised according to rarity, condition and demand.

AppleTreeDeals.com lists criteria for appraising Llardo pieces. It teaches users the difference between book value and true value appraisals and how they impact the appraisal price. Book value appraisals are expert estimates routinely used for insurance purposes. An appraisal of true value estimates the piece according to what collectors pay for the figurine.

EHow.com gives detailed instructions for estimating the condition and value of a Llardo figurine. Learning about the company and how to identify authentic pieces are the first steps in appraisal. The site offers instructions for examining pieces for damages and imperfections and obtaining an expert appraisal.

Nugent.Appraisal.com offers personal property appraisals including Llardo figurines. Appraisals may be done online with a picture and description of the item. Appraisals are issued with market value and replacement value and are emailed directly to the client or insurance agent.

DrLoriV.com is an online appraisal service of Discovery Channel star Dr. Lori. Dr. Lori has over 20 years experience in antiquities appraisals and a Ph.D. in art and history. As of 2015, the site offers online appraisals for $60. If the value of the piece being appraised is less than $60, the appraisal is free.