Where Can a List of Various Bath and Body Works Outlet Stores Be Located?

OutletBound.com maintains a list of Bath & Body Works outlet stores. The BathandBodyWorks.com store locator has a menu option to look up outlet stores near a specific city or ZIP code.

Bath & Body Works sells soaps, body washes, shower gels and sponges for the bath; perfumes and lotions; aromatherapy and spa treatments; candles; and home fragrance sprays and plugs. A main feature of the company's products is fragrance. Company products use dozens of fragrances, often with evocative names such as Beach Grass, Island Margarita, Sonoma Weekend, Sunkissed Days and even House of Horrors.

Bath & Body Works started in 1990 in Ohio. As of 2015, the company has more than 1,600 stores.