How Can I Get the List of Errors on My Kenmore Elite Dryer?

Kenmore Elite dryer error codes can be found on the Sears Parts Direct website. The error codes are formatted as an "F" plus a number between 1 and 78, as well as a special "PF" error that indicates a power failure to the unit.

When a Kenmore Elite dryer displays an F01 error code, for example, the unit is suffering a main electronic control board failure. The manufacturer recommends unplugging the appliance for five minutes, then powering it back up. If the error persists, the control board must be replaced by a qualified technician.

Outlet and inlet thermistor failures are indicated by error codes F22 through F25. The first two codes of the series refer to the outlet thermistor, while the latter two point to the inlet part; they note either an electrically open or shorted temperature sensor in the dryer. If, after unplugging the unit and then plugging it back in, the error code persists, the failed part must be replaced.

Error code F30 indicates blocked airflow to the dryer. Kenmore suggests first cleaning the integral lint screen. If fabric-softener sheets are used regularly, it is recommended to clean the lint screen with a soft-bristled brush in water to remove build-up. The vent duct for the unit should also be checked for clogs.