Where Can I Find a List of Cryntel Marble Vinyl Floor Tiles?


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A list of marble vinyl floor tiles can be found on Cryntel's official website on their product page. Cryntel has a variety of styles for their marble vinyl floor tiles including lava, volcano, Pompeii, Saturnia, travertine, Venetian marble, canyon, desert stone, Sahara, Verona slate and Athenian slate. All of the styles come in a variety of colors.

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Cryntel marble vinyl floor tiles use technology that combines polymers with real marble to dramatically increase durability, versatility and flexibility. They have a natural stone edge tile, which has a luxurious and rich appearance. The embossed finish recreates the appearance and surface texture of natural stone floors.

Cryntel tile can be installed over concrete, wood or vinyl with the option of being spaced and grouted, edge-to-edge and grouted, or edge-to-edge. The PolyStone Premixed Stain Shield Grout does not discolor, repels most stains and uses a light grout. Cryntel marble vinyl floor tiles come with a lifetime wear-through residential guarantee, or a six-year light commercial wear-through guarantee.

Since Cryntel marble vinyl floor tiles are made with real marble, they are superior to ordinary ceramic tiles. Cryntel has been manufacturing quality affordable, durable and attractive tile for nearly 50 years. It is manufactured in Tianjin, China.

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