How Can You Level Your Manufactured Home Yourself?

How Can You Level Your Manufactured Home Yourself?

The first step for a person to level a mobile home himself is to wear protective work gloves and eyewear when working beneath the mobile home. It is also important that he has someone close by in case he needs assistance.

The mobile homeowner must next remove the skirting from the base of the mobile home and then loosen all of the tie down straps.

To check the level of the mobile home, the owner places the level on the center of the beam in the middle of the home. He must inspect whether the bubble in the level tool is in the center, which represents a level surface. He must proceed down the beam to other areas of support and continue inspecting, making sure to examine both ends of the house.

When he encounters areas that are not level, the owner must use a jack to raise it to its proper height. To do so, he must place a wood piece under the jack to support it and raise the jack until the bubble inside the level is in the center.

Next, he must slide shims into spaces between the beam and supports, securing the shims with a hammer when necessary. After he lowers the jack and allows the beam to rest on the shims, he must check the level for stability.

Before finishing, he must inspect plumbing and utility lines for any damage and immediately repair anything he notices. The final step is to re-attach the skirting.