Where Can I Find Lear Ziegler Furnace Parts?

Where Can I Find Lear Ziegler Furnace Parts?

Lear Siegler furnace replacement parts can be purchased through PLCCenter.com, AmericanHVACParts.com, BestBuyHeatingandAirConditioning.com and Amazon. As of March 2015, PLCCenter.com stocks over 50 different replacement parts for many models of Lear Siegler furnaces.

PLCCenter.com's parts inventory includes heater controllers, opacity and alarm boards, temperature comparison assemblies and integrators. The website offers customers the options of buying new parts, used parts or having Lear Siegler furnace parts repaired. A different price is associated with each buying option. New part prices range from around $7 for a new furnace oil seal, to a little over $1,000 for a PC board lamp assembly.

AmericanHVACParts.com carries various replacement parts for Lear Siegler furnaces, including ignition control transformers, blower motors, digital thermostats and control modules. Each part listing contains a list of the Lear Siegler furnace models that the part is compatible with. Furnace part prices fall between around $60 for a non-programmable digital thermostat to almost $300 for an integrated two-stage nitride ignition control module.

The Lear Siegler parts sold by BestBuyHeatingandAirConditioning.com include blower motors, ignition control transformers and various models of digital thermostats. The parts are similarly priced with those sold by AmericanHVACParts.com.

Amazon sells over 40 different kinds of Lear Siegler furnace motors. Prices range from about $110 to almost $220 depending on the size, voltage and model of the motor.