How Can You Lay Carpet Over Tile?

Laying carpet over tile is similar to installing carpet over any concrete surface. When laying the rug over ceramic tile, remove a strip of the fragile tile from the perimeter of the room to prevent breakage when installing the tackless strip.

  1. Make room for the tackless strip

    Remove a strip of tile from each side of the room that is approximately 2 inches wider than the strip. Clean the channel and the floor before proceeding. Use the appropriate nails to fasten the strips to the underlying floor.

  2. Lay the pad

    Choose an appropriate pad for the carpet that is being installed. Unroll the pad in the opposite direction of the carpet.

  3. Unroll the carpet

    Unroll the carpet. Use a carpet seam iron and seam tape to make any necessary splices. Cut the carpet to fit the room.

  4. Attach carpet to the tackless strip

    Use a knee kicker tool to stretch the carpet and hook it into the tackless strip. Use a power stretcher to stretch the carpet and attach to the opposite side of the room. Continue the process until the carpet is stretched and attached at all walls.

  5. Trim to fit

    Trim any excess carpet using a utility knife with a sharp blade. Push the edges behind the tackless strip, and reinstall the baseboards.