Where Can You Find Kitchen Appliance Reviews?


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Websites for such publications as Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports provide reviews about a wide variety of appliances. Both customer and professionally written reviews are available from these sources, giving homeowners useful third-party information before they complete their purchases.

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Consumer Reports provides more information than Good Housekeeping in terms of professional reviews and advice about appliances, but that site requires a subscription to access all of the information. The free Information available does include a buying guide that contains tips about what to look for when purchasing a particular appliance and articles indicating the highest ratings for each type of appliance. To get the most up-to-date recommendations as far as brand model and specific ratings and reliability findings by the pros, Consumer Reports requires a subscription from consumers who want total access.

Good Housekeeping provides access to considerable information about appliances for free. For example, with regard to refrigerators, the website reviews their ability to maintain fresh food and chilly temperatures, breaking the reviews down by the type of refrigerator (French door, stainless steel, side-by-side and so on). For many consumers, this information is adequate, so it's worth looking at this type of website before paying for a Consumer Reports subscription.

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