How Can You Kill Termites?

To kill termites, locate termite entry points around your home, make a saltwater solution, fill the entry points with the solution, and pour saltwater around your home. If termites remain in your home after this treatment, consult a professional. This process takes several hours.

  1. Find the entry points

    Inspect the inside and outside of your home for potential entry points for termites. Examine foundation cracks, holes in siding or compromised masonry. Look for signs of termites, including egg sacs, discarded wings and termite carcasses.

  2. Mix a saltwater solution

    Fill a container with equal parts water and salt. Cover the container, and shake the contents until they blend completely. Prepare enough saltwater solution to saturate all entry points inside and outside your house.

  3. Fill the entry points with saltwater

    Fill a syringe needle or turkey baster with the saltwater solution, and inject the solution into all of the termite entry points. Allow the salt to kill the termites, and dispose of the dead termites.

  4. Pour saltwater around your home

    To prevent more termite infestations, pour the remaining saltwater around the perimeter of your home.

  5. Hire a professional

    For serious infestations, hire an exterminator. Pest control specialists use more effective chemicals to kill termites.