How Can You Kill Plants?


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There are a number of ways to kill plants. According to Tropical Gardens, the act of killing these plants can be instructional for owners because they are less likely to make similar mistakes in the future.

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How Can You Kill Plants?
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Tropical Gardens states that one way to kill plants is by giving them too much water. Plants need air as well as water, and constant overwatering can both block that air and encourage rotting diseases within the plant. Another way to kill plants is to give them too little water. If the owner does not notice wilting plants and fails to water them, the plants shrivel and die, and they possibly become infested with insects before they do. A surprising way of killing plants is to grow them to death by not giving them a break during the winter. The plant should be watered less and fed less until the natural light levels increase again. Otherwise, excess salts that act as a toxin for the plant can build up in the soil. Another way of killing plants is choosing one that is not suited to the climate or living conditions where it's grown. Unless special care is given to such a plant, it is likely to die.

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