How Can I Kill Grubs in My Lawn?

How Can I Kill Grubs in My Lawn?

How Can I Kill Grubs in My Lawn?

Grubs can be serious lawn pests. They feed on the roots of grasses, causing dead or dying patches of grass. There are several different products that are used for killing lawn grubs. Use the following tips to help you choose the best one for killing the grubs in your lawn.

  1. Use milky spore to eliminate grubs

    Apply milky spore to affected areas of grass, so that grubs consume the spore material, and then they die.

  2. Kill grubs with beneficial nematodes

    Obtain a beneficial nematodes spray solution, and apply it to the lawn area. Use the spray as quickly as possible once you purchase it because it contains live nematodes.

  3. Use carbaryl to kill the grubs

    Apply carbaryl in granular or liquid form, and then irrigate to kill the grubs. Allow 10 to 14 days for them to be eliminated.

  4. Use halofenozide to kill newly hatched grubs

    Apply this chemical insecticide after the grubs have hatched. Apply it before July 15, so that spring rainfall helps it to soak into the soil.

  5. Use imidacloprid as a grub killer

    Apply imidacloprid early in the season to get rid of young grubs. Treat only affected areas of grass. Apply a stronger insecticide on lawns infested with larger grubs.