Can You Kill Bed Bugs With a Heat Gun?


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Heat guns are an effective method to eliminate bedbugs from vehicles, homes, hotels, dorms or other dwellings where bed bugs are prone to inhabit. A low heat setting of about 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient to kill the bugs and their larvae.

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Before using a heat gun on hard surfaces, mattresses or drapes, it is important to read and follow all of the device's instructions carefully. Consulting with or hiring a professional to eliminate bed bugs with a heat gun ensures that all areas where bed bugs can hide are treated correctly and safely. There is significant risk of fire or burns to property and skin if heat guns are used improperly.

Bed bugs are difficult to find and kill because they are small and can hide in the smallest crevices. Bed bugs also are resistant to insecticides and hot and cold environments and can live without food for up to one year.

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