How Can You Keep Pigeons Away?


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Pigeons can be kept away from a given area by judicious use of wire mesh, metal roofing, bird nets, scarecrows, water and pigeon traps. Although pigeons can be both annoying and dangerous, because they are sometimes carriers of salmonella, bird mites and bedbugs, there are several humane options for keeping them off a property, according to Care2.

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Screening vents with wire mesh keep pigeons away. Bird nets can also be used to seal off rafters, eaves and other possible nesting places. Thin wires or more wire mesh suspended above possible roosting places can also prevent pigeons from sticking around. Covering possible roosts with slanted sheet metal also takes away the incentive for pigeons to try to roost.

Pigeons are often deterred by scarecrows of various sorts designed to frighten them. Effective choices include flying kites in the shape of hawks above a building or letting light-colored Mylar streamers blow in the wind to scare the birds away. The standard use of a ceramic owl is less useful because the pigeons simply get used to these statues and begin to ignore them.

Pigeons dislike water, so spraying them with a hose can send them away. However, this method only works with pigeons who are new to an area. Those that have already established their roosting spots are less likely to leave.

Commercial pigeon traps are available for birds that do not respond to any of the previously mentioned methods. The traps must be checked daily, with all other birds caught in them being released daily. It is kind to leave water in the trap so as to minimize stress when they are trapped.

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