How Can You Keep Cut Lilacs From Wilting?

Keep cut lilacs from wilting by following a few simple steps that take only a couple of minutes. You need a sharp knife, a pail of warm water, a clean vase and floral preservative.

  1. Prepare the vase

    Prepare the vase for the flowers. Fill the vase with distilled water. Add a floral preservative, following the preservative instructions.

  2. Gather the lilacs

    Using the sharp knife, remove lilac flowers from the plant at morning or night. Cut the stem of the flowers just above a joint. Fill a temporary container with water between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the flowers immediately in the container.

  3. Trim the lilacs

    Trim away any flowers that are going to be below the waterline in the vase. Make sure that all cuts are diagonal. Place the lilacs in the vase.

  4. Care for the flowers

    Place the vase of lilacs in a place away from sunlight with a cool temperature. Add water to keep the water level consistent. Cloudy water signals bacterial involvement and needs to be dumped out and replaced with fresh water and more floral preservative. Every time you replace the flowers, trim the flower stems. Keep the flowers from wilting by storing them in the refrigerator overnight.