How Can I Keep Armadillos Out of My Yard?


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To keep armadillos out of the yard, install fencing around the perimeter of the property, maintain a well-kept yard and remove potential sources of food. If normal deterrent methods are not working, or in cases where they are damaging property, trapping the animals and having them removed may be a better option. Continue Reading

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Fencing prevents armadillos from entering the property. To prevent armadillos with electrical fencing, run a single strand of the fence 3 inches above ground level. In areas where children or pets are present, choose traditional fencing that is tilted outward at a 40-degree angle away from the property, and partially bury the fence to prevent armadillos.

Regular lawn maintenance can also help reduce armadillo populations. Mow lawns frequently, remove debris and keep bushes trimmed to eliminate potential shelters used by the animals. Additionally, armadillos are often attracted to properties where earthworms and other food sources are abundant. Allowing the lawn to dry out can encourage the animals to seek food in other areas. If other food sources, such as scorpions, are present, take steps to control those pest populations to reduce the number of armadillos on the property.

Trapping is recommended for serious armadillo infestations. Refer to local and state regulations to determine whether trapping is allowed. If trapping is allowed, place traps that are baited with overripe fruit along any pathways used by the armadillos. To increase the effectiveness of the trap, place boards along each side of the trap to create a funnel-shaped path that leads to the trap opening. Dispose of the animal according to state or local regulations.

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