How Can a Juice Extractor Be Used in Cooking?


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Juice extractors can be used to extract lemon juice, ginger juice and other juices to flavor drinks. You can also use extracted vegetable juices to flavor soups, sauces and more.

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Though many people use juicers to extract fruit and vegetable juices that they then consume as part of a "juice fast" diet, extracted juices can be just as useful in everyday cooking. In signature drinks, use beet juice or carrot juice. Extract juice from lemons and store it, using it to make lemonade or in any recipe that calls for lemon juice. You can also extract the juice from ginger and use a few drops to make your own ginger ale with soda water. For ice cubes that don't dilute a Bloody Mary, try filling an ice cube tray with juice from tomatoes and celery and freezing it overnight.

In vinaigrettes, vegetable and herb juices add a nice touch. Vegetable juices are also great for adding extra flavor to smooth soups and sauces such as pasta sauce or to simmer sauce for chicken and pot roast.

Fruit juice can also be used to make a refreshing summer granita. Just mix together the extracted fruit juice with a little honey to sweeten, and freeze the mixture in a flat baking pan. Stir it every 45 minutes during the first 2 hours of freezing, then cover it with plastic wrap and freeze it for an additional 3 hours. Use a fork to create flakes of ice, and serve the granita in a decorative glass.

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