How Can You Iron Satin?

How Can You Iron Satin?

Ironing satin is a simple process that can be completed within minutes. The iron must be set to a very low heat so as not to damage the satin and an appropriate smooth and slightly yielding surface should be used under the garment. A light touch is required throughout for this delicate fabric./

  1. Adjust iron settings

    Switch your iron's heat setting to very low heat. If you plan to wear the satin garment immediately after ironing it, you may set the heat slightly higher. However, make sure to not let the iron get too hot, because high temperatures are will damage satin fabrics.

  2. Prepare the work area

    Set up your ironing board, and make sure you have enough room to maneuver. Place the satin garment down on the ironing board and lay it out flat. Ensure that you will be able to quickly access the entire surface of the satin fabric.

  3. Iron the satin fabric

    Turn your iron on and begin ironing the satin. Use quick, long strokes across the fabric. Move the garment around on the ironing board as necessary while you work. It is not necessary to put very much pressure onto the iron during this process. Try to use a light touch to prevent damage.