Where Can You Find Instructions for Using a Pressure Cooker?


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Pressure cooker manufacturers, such as WearEver and Presto, provide instructions in the instruction manuals for their products and on their websites. Each manufacturer offers slightly different directions, so it is important to follow directions for the particular cooker.

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Where Can You Find Instructions for Using a Pressure Cooker?
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Pressure cookers work by trapping steam inside the pot to increase the pressure. The increase in pressure also increases the boiling point of water. Instead of boiling at the normal 212 degrees Fahrenheit, liquids in the pressure cooker boil at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing cooking time by at least 25 percent, with most foods being done in one-third of the time it normally takes to cook them in the oven or on the stovetop. Reducing the cooking time helps foods to retain its vitamins and minerals, resulting in healthier meals, according to the Food Network.

While there are numerous horror stories of older pressure cookers, as of 2015, manufacturers add safety features to prevent accidents. The devices have over-pressure plugs that prevent building too much pressure and lids that lock in place to prevent accidental opening while the unit is still under pressure. Most pressure cookers do not start to build pressure until the user locks the lid properly. The improvements in safety allow the owner to enjoy the benefits of pressure cooking with fewer dangers.

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