Where Can You Find Instructions on Repairing a Kerosene Heater?


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Some online resources that have instructions on repairing a kerosene heater are the Fix-It Club and Kerosene-Wicks. The Fix-It Club site provides guides for various kerosene heater repairs, such as the removal of impurities and replacement of the wick and igniter. At the Kerosene-Wick site, there are complete instructions on how to replace the wick on the heater.

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Although kerosene heaters may be safe for home use, there can be local laws that either ban or restrict the use of these heaters in certain areas. To make sure that there are no problems with this type of appliance, it is important to keep up with their maintenance and repair. Homeowners can do some of these simple repairs themselves with the step-by-step instructions provided at these online sources.

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