Where Can I Find Instructions for Making a Homemade Ice Cream Maker?


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Instructions for building a homemade ice cream maker are available at HunterGatherCook.com and Instructables.com. The instructions at HunterGatherCook.com are for a large-scale ice cream machine, while the ones at Instructables.com are for a single-serving ice cream machine.

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The large-scale ice cream machine requires a metal bucket and a metal wine chiller about half the size of the bucket. For the ice cream mixer part of the machine, the instructions call for a paddle made from plastic cut to fit the inner chamber of the machine. This paddle is then bolted to a power drill to make mixing easier. The single-serve ice cream machine requires an electric motor taken from existing electronics, an empty jar of peanut butter with the lid and a 100-DVD case or another plastic mold.

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