Where Can I Find Instructions for Honeywell Thermostats?

Instructions on how to use any of Honeywell's thermostats are provided in print format with a purchased thermostat and can also be found on the company's website. Instructions vary depending on the type of thermostat, the model and its features.

Honeywell offers over 70 different thermostats across six categories. The categories vary based on the functionality and programmability of the thermostat, which include both programmable and non-programmable models and digital and manual options.

Honeywell's 7-Day progammable thermostats allow users to program temperature settings digitally with separate temperature settings for each day, so every day can have a customized setting. The brand's 5-1-1 thermostats allow users to set one programming for the weekdays and then individual program setting for each day on the weekend, while their 5-2 thermostats allow for one weekday setting and one weekend setting. One-week thermostats allow for one program that runs the entire week and applies to all seven days.

Newer programmable models allow for remote programming and control via smart phones and computers, and they can program themselves based on temperature setting preferences.

Digital and manual non-programmable models require users to adjust temperature settings manually, with either a digital or dial interface. The dial type interface is extremely old and is more often found in older commercial and residential settings.

Honeywell's website allows customers to view or download instructions specific to the model.