Where Can You Find Instructions for Growing Pineapple Tops?


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The Dole Plantation website, Dole-Plantation.com, offers easy instructions for growing a plant from the top of a pineapple. To grow your own, you need an 8-inch porous clay pot, gravel for drainage, good quality soil and a pineapple top.

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To grow the plant, twist the leafy crown from the pineapple fruit, and set it aside in a dark, dry place for a week. When the fruit end hardens, it's ready to plant. Place an inch of coarse gravel in the bottom of the pot, and add potting mix or garden soil mixed with 30 percent compost. Insert the pineapple top, fruit side down.

Place the pot in a sunny outdoor location, and water it once a week. Fertilize the pineapple plant with household plant food once every three months. When a new pineapple starts to grow from the crown of the plant, transfer the plant to a 12-inch clay pot.

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