How Can You Install a Water Filter on a Refrigerator?


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The procedure of installing a water filter on a refrigerator depends upon the type of the filter and make of the refrigerator. To install a built-in water filter, order a new filter online, locate the filter compartment, and replace the old filter with a new one according to the user manual. To install a stand-alone filter, pull the refrigerator away from the wall, remove the old filter, mount the replacement filter, and connect it to a water supply line.

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Read the user manual or visit the manufacturer's website before purchasing a replacement filter. For a built-in water filter, turn off the water supply, detach the line from the filter, and pull out the old filter. If necessary, unfasten the filter with a screwdriver before pulling it out. With the words on the new filter facing upward, snap it in place. Reconnect the water supply line.

To install a stand-alone filter, move the fridge from the wall to access the filter, disconnect the supply side, and pry out the filter, using a screwdriver if necessary. Put the replacement filter in place, and connect it to the supply line, making sure that the water flow direction on the filter points toward the fridge.

Place a bucket below the tap, turn on the water, and flush water through the filter for about three minutes. If water doesn't flow properly, check the installation.

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